The Jessie J Fashion Price Tag

It’s not about the money money or about the bling ba-bling…..forget about the price tag! So, what’s your price tag when it comes to fashion?

The British music pop star Jessie J is very much in the public eye when it comes to her styling which is bold and funky. Her look changes every now and again and goes from one extreme to another but her jet black hair remains, often it is debatable if it is a hit or miss in the latest fashion trends. Her style is out there and we may actually be looking at another Lady Gaga fashion personality here but a less extreme version. The Jessie J make-up and clothing choice are very much random at times but yet she pulls off a statement.

Jessie J Hair Styles

Jessie J Style | Jessie J Price TagWhen it comes to the styles on Jessie J’s head expect one hair style, the classic blunt bob cut with a fringe. Jessie J has sported the long hair at times but still this has been with a classic straight blunt cut and we are not expecting Jessie J anytime soon to shy away from her trademark fringe! Getting the Jessie J hair look style is simple, you may want to mix it up though like she does, with the daring red dipped tips on her jet black locks, Jesse likes to set a statement.

The art work on Jessie J’s face is quite vibrant, Jesse tends to wear fierce dark bright colours. Her make-up attitude is bold, often seen with the bright red and black lipstick and those smoky eyes with that blunt eye liner. It is not often we see Jessie J with no make-up but when she steps out with a naked face she is unrecognisable!

Jessie J Style | Jessie J Red Lipstick Jessie J Bold Style | Jessie J Eyes And Lips Jessie J Hair Style | Jessie J Hair Colour Jessie J Hair Style | Jessie J Hair Colour

The price tag of Jessie J fashion and her appearance on the Jonathan Ross show

Jessie J On Jonathan Ross | Bitching Junkfood Shorts On Jessie JFriday 04th January we saw the Essex girl Jessie J on the Jonathan Ross show hanging out with David Beckham another trendy fashion icon right now. Jessie spoke about her opinion on the Adele throat surgery problem and couldn’t imagine what she was going through, that it must be the worst feeling in the world. The price tag singer knows as a musician your voice is everything so if music was taken away what would Jessie J focus on, maybe a fashion line?

Jessie J on the Jonathan Ross show gave a live performance of her recent Vodafone Big Top 40 number one single Domino. The music video when you see it is very much a Jessie J twist, with domino’s expect black and white but with Jessie J its bright colours! Her style in the video is full of wigs and funky costume changes, a vibrant Jessie J that reminds us a bit of Katy Perry.

When Jessie J appeared on the Jonathan Ross show her choice of outfit was casual with a ripped t-shit, jean shorts, boots and the chain suspender tights, but what was the price tag on some of these items!? Jessie J wore the Inverted Cross Shorts by Bitching & Junkfood which costs around £65.00 and the chain suspender tights costs around £12.00-15.00.

The Jessie J fashion price tags vary, Jessie J has been seen is some very expensive outfits and accessories but also in high street fashion, but what suits her best. We look at the evolving style of Jessie J.

  • The luxury handbag Jessie J is often seen with is a black leather Mulberry Mila Tote Bag, at a price tag of £148.00
Jessie J Luxury Handbag |  Mulberry Mila Tote Bag As Seen On Jessie J
  • The classic Jessie J Wayfarer sunglasses, the Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarers costing a price tag of £144.00
Jessie J Sunglasses | Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarers
  • The Jessie J bodysuit that she wore at Don Hill’s in NYC recently was price tagged at £131.00, designed by Maison MartinMargiela

    Jessie J Bodysuit | Maison Martin Margiela Bodysuit for Jessie J

    Jessie J is very much in a fashion trend right now with her tropical prints, she stepped out recently in the blazer look at £45.00 and trousers around £30.00 a combination from one of our high-street faves River Island. Expect this to be the spring trend.


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