Happy Mothers Day

Today is Mothers Day in the UK and I would like to wish every mum out there a very Happy Mothers Day. I would also like to send a special message to my mother and say mum I hope you know you mean the world to me and being the great woman that you are has held me together through the hardest of times I have been through, so firstly thank you for being a great, caring, loving and supportive mother to me.

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My parents and family are amazing people in my life and without them life would not be the same. They have stuck with me through the ups and downs and there were more downs believe me, so for that I am very grateful to have them in my life as I know they will always be there for me. My mum however has taught me some things that I never knew I was capable of; she helped me believe in myself and reminded me that I am strong, beautiful and I can survive.

Childhood and Motherly Support

When I was a young child, from the age of 3 she took me to ballet and tap classes after the busy day she had at work. As my childhood progressed she took me to french tuition classes, tennis summer school, dancing competitions and to the theatre production shows I was in. My mum held my hand every step of the way and even made my dance costumes and helped me learn new skills, trusting in my ability to succeed. Without my mum by my side and believing in me I would not have won all my medals and trophies. My dancing success only came to an end when I left it at the age of 17 to further educate myself and embark on a new route and life experience, which led to my mum then seeing me graduate with a BA Degree from the University of Westminster.

Mum, through everything I have been through I thank you so much with all my heart for keeping me alive. Remember when my throat swelled up and I nearly died of glandular fever, I made it all the way to you on the bus and passed out in the road because I was trying my best to get to my mother who I knew I needed and thanks to you getting me to the hospital in time I survived and then soon after dad drove us all off to France, a miracle happened because we were blessed. Then, I nearly died of an inflamed abdomen and Med and all of you were by my side yet again. I know I have escaped death a few times now, even through a depressive time but you pulled me through and kept telling me to be strong and I was mum.

I know I haven’t been perfect, like every young adult I had my strops and temper tantrums and yes I remember banging the door shut to make my point and getting the last word in and for that I am truly sorry but mum I learnt from this. You have helped me deal with the deeper problems and my emotions, I chose the light and not the dark because of you. Moving out from the age of 21 showed me the outside world and how to live in it and to be grateful for everything you did for me. I had a roof over my head, I had food on my plate and you provided that for me with dad whilst I was at home and you still take me in when I come running home at 31, but I know I can always come home because I feel safe at home with you.

Mums Knows What’s Best

It took a long time to get to where I am, through all the problems, through the Alopecia areata hair loss and the events of last July, but a brave lady emerged and I am still standing here with all my hair on my head and now feeling beautiful inside and out, thank you mum. You remind me each day how beautiful I am and that the heart I have deserves to be loved in the right way, you inspire me to live on and find my new beginning.

Mum, I watched you become a strong woman and I want to remain just like you. You have the best qualities, the best heart I have ever seen, you put others first and you bring joy to their life. You sometimes do not know how special you really are and I am here today to remind you!

Love you always and God bless, Happy Mothers Day x

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2 Responses to “Happy Mothers Day”

  1. Veronique Clarisse
    March 10, 2013 at 5:46 am #

    Hello Jeanna!
    I just read your letter and it brought tears to my eyes… But they were tears of joy for I can see your Mum through your words. She deserves all the recognition for the person she is – a loving, beautiful and forgiving human being despite what she went through.
    Have a wonderful day with the family!
    Lots of love

  2. jeannah
    March 10, 2013 at 9:44 am #

    Hi Vero,
    Thank you for your lovely message, it seems I have made a few people cry but yes all tears of joy and happiness! All those good qualities have made me become the person I am, I learnt from the best and watching how far my mum has come through everything inspires me to carry on being just like her :-)
    Have a lovely day too with your family.
    Love J x

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