A Disney Reality, Hope Of A Bald Prince & Princess

Whilst petitioning for the Bald Barbie on the Facebook online campaign and spreading awareness on hair loss conditions it got me thinking why is there not more of these bald dolls or bald animated movie characters?

I love Disney and what it represents, maybe I live too much in a magical world believing there will be a happy ending but I will keep on believing no matter how old I get! Disney is magical to me, the stories sweep me away as though I am on a flying carpet and if I tell you how many times I have gone to Disneyworld Florida, Disneyland Paris and Disneyland California you may laugh at me but I do love Disney that much. However, what I would now like to see is a new story produced of a bald Disney prince or princess who have a happy ending. Why is there not a bald Disney prince or princess already?

Disney Princess Repunzal | Tangled Movie Disney Character


Disney animated characters and their images, the Hunchback of Notre Dame

In a child’s world a Disney character can have a big influence on how they are looked up to, some characters are strong with strength and some are brave as warriors, some are weak but survive and some are just personified by a certain type of beauty. If we had a bald Disney character what would this represent to a child?

Dealing with and overcoming a hair loss condition can be a long and magical journey in itself, to see an animated movie made on this by a top company like Disney now that would be an amazing journey. Dealing with current issues that are a reality in our world, giving a child some confidence and self esteem in dealing with this condition and seeing a happy ending last. Every story in life can have a fairy tale ending!

Disney in many ways has already presented us with Disney characters who have dealt with image problems, it has not been all about the beautiful animated characters. There was the prince from Beauty and the Beast who was turned into a hideous beast and the most known character with a disfigurement was Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

I respect Disney for bringing to us characters who deal with life issues and low self confidence. Quasimodo from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame he was not the best looking of characters, he had a disfigurement that was laughed at but yet the Disney story is heart warming to watch.

Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame was released to theatres in 1996, the character of Quasimodo is of an isolated young man suffering from a deformity condition and meets a lady called Esmeralda who befriends him. As the journey continues the story goes on to see an order for Esmeralda to be burnt after she says no to a proposal of her becoming a mistress to another man. Quasimodo who hides away from life in his bell tower because of his condition initially decides not to help, but as he sees Esmeralda in some pain it causes him to give in to his surpressed anger and rescue her, you see the Hunchback of Notre Dame face the outside world and is not afraid to hide anymore, simply breathtaking and well written by Disney.

The Future Of A Disney Animated Movie

So, what will come to our screens in the next Disney movie, I am hoping for a storyline with a bald animated character that fights a journey and lives a happy life, but the movie needs to show the exact emotions of what losing hair is like. We have already been presented with a Disney princess with the never ending long hair, princess Rapunzel and now we await a princess with no hair.

I would personally like to thank Disney for keeping a part of my life magical, from a child to an adult I have always believed life is an enchanting journey and I can fly through it now with no fear, with a little bit of pixie dust from Tinkerbell to help!

Disney Tinkerbell | Flying Tinkerbell


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