The David Beckham Quiff

David Beckham, the stylish male model, footballing fashion icon with his many hair styles is now sporting the quiff on his head! Resembling a bit of that Elvis Presley James Dean look, Becks has caught our attention yet again and he looks great. A look back through his history has seen David Beckham’s style changing year on year and this hair trend setter is going nowhere, he’s here to stay and right now we get to enjoy his quiff.

David Beckham Quiff | Elvis Hair Style | Mens Hair Styles

The 50’s Quiff And A Celebrity Hair Icon

The quiff is a classic 50’s hairstyle and has a kick ass attitude to it. David Beckham, our very own Golden Balls has certainly kicked this style back as a trend. Time to get rocking and rolling with your quiff and here’s how to do it. To achieve this same look you will need to use a comb and sweep the hair at the front section to the back, twist the hair a little at the front and sleek down the sides of the hair. You can use a pomade (a greasy wax substance) if you want to have that shine on the strands look, which does make it appear softer and smoother. An alternative product to use is hair spray to keep the big wave still and in place with a more natural look. If you are finding it hard to style then try using some alternative hair products from the The Funky Hair Group to help, a hair straightener seems to be a mans new weapon these days!

If you are in need of further help the following tutorial should help create that David Beckham quiff:

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