Head Tattoo & Adee Phelan Disguising Hair Loss

In a new trend, head tattoos have become a popular form of disguising hair loss for men. Men who are heading down the bald route find it often embarrassing and seek many ways to disguise such hair loss and now with a new trendy technique another method is available in disguising hair loss, rather than become a skin head why not tattoo the hair back on your head.

Celebrity hairdresser stylist Adee Phelan launches “HIS HAIR” clinic in Manchester

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The award winning Adee Phelan has styled the likes of David Beckham and Girls Allowed and many more, you may remember him for his GQ shoot before the 2002 World Cup, the David Beckham image won him image of the year. The successful celebrity hairdresser has shot to fame and has huge endorsement deals with top brands such as Remington, Jerome Russell and The Conair group. Adee Phelan is well known and if you have not witnessed his styling you may have seen him on “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” another TV programme he was on and came after his success on the TV programme The Salon.

“HIS HAIR” has now launched in Manchester, the clinic offers new hair techniques such as Micro Hair Technique MHT scalp pigmentation. Adee has actually undergone the treatment himself so is familiar with all aspects of the treatment in hair loss recovery.

So what does the treatment entail? The treatment gives the appearance of a short, cropped hair cut, it gives a lining of hair on the whole head in different shades which has specifically blended pigments that are applied to the scalp to provide a consistent replication of original hair and micro hairs. It acts as a permanent solution for men who need to disguise their hair loss through a ink based technique.

Already many customers are seeking this treating being offered as it does not just cover hair loss but helps conceal head scars. Adee Phelan stated that the scalp pigmentation was a unique procedure and this type of treatment is a non surgical permanent solution which is great at disguising those scars but at the same time recovers hair line, which is very common in male pattern baldness. What more is, this type of treatment can look fashionable and it certainly sits in well the urban look that many people have trended towards.

MHT scalp pigmentation is circulating worldwide and the demand is high.

Revolution of Ink Art on the head, how much does the MHT scalp pigmentation cost?

When it comes to cost, this MHT technique costs around £2,000. We have seen many celebrities paying for similar techniques for disguising hair loss at a high cost, Wayne Rooney paying over £25,000 and here we have a reasonable solution to hair loss and scar cover. If you wondered who developed this scalp pigmentation treatment, it was Ian Watson, he founded HIS Hair when he developed Alopecia around his mid-twenties. Ian Watson encountered a tragic death, his brother of 32 named Paul had cancer and as a result lost his hair. With these treatments there is hope to regain hair an alternative way to surgical treatment, using an ink based method is one way of moving forward, but do not forget the other non surgical methods available out there.

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