Alopecia Singer Toni Warne Battles Through

Toni Warne on The Voice UK battles through to round 2

We recently brought you news that the Alopecia singer Toni Warne was on The Voice UK and round two tonight Toni Warne who has suffered from Alopecia from the age of 21 has battled through to the next round on The Voice UK.

Toni Warne on Team JessieJ survives and mentions in her song Alopecia lives on. The 34 year old singer has brought out her confidence yet again through her performance and shown the fight to her hair loss condition, go Toni! When you are suffering from a medical hair loss always be string and confident; it important to surviving and recovering.

If you have encountered a similar hair loss condition, feel free to get in touch and share you story; at funkyhead we are hear to listening and advise ways to recovery and treatment through a personal journey that was encountered.

Toni Warne Alopecia | The Voice UK



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