Treating Alopecia Areata And Stress

Sometimes we just want to scream, we just want to punch a wall, we just want to cry and let it all out, but why do we feel this way, is it depression or is it just stress? Has the stress in our lives completely taken over us and how do we take the control back. I thought I knew how to fight the stress in my life journey but somehow it comes back to bite me at unexpected times and it is a shock to your body that can see your health and hard work go up in flames.

If you have battled to defeat stress and it keeps returning fear not there are many people going through the same thing, it is taking a firm hand in controlling it that is the most important factor in surviving and having a healthy life going forward.

Alopecia Areata and stress, can stress cause hair loss?

Hair Loss And Alopecia Areata | Alopecia And Stress

The simple answer is yes, stress is a like a switch and if you switch it on high voltage you will electrify yourself and shock your hair follicles out, keep it switched off and your safe.

The problem with stress is it does provoke hair loss, dealing with Alopecia Areata and stress can be the hardest thing. Trying to sense what stress might set off the alopecia and finding a way to deal with it is often torture, because you are stressing about making yourself better that it then causes added stress on the head, so how do you work around it?

Someone woke up this morning feeling fine, the day was fresh and it was going to be a productive day but one set back was encountered through stress and in the space of a few hours the extreme stress ticked over from heavy head pains and dizziness to calm breathing, a cycle of torture mended. All calmed in the body after the cycle because the mind was told what had to happen next, making the brain think everything was okay calmed the stress, you have to tell your brain what your body needs in a positive way, negative thinking provokes stress, you could say alopecia areata and stress is the psychological battle! The good thing is the mind can beat stress if you let it, pin pointing the triggers of stress is the first and most important thing in the cycle of healing.

Treating stress and Alopecia Areata Continues 

Having suffered from Alopecia Areata it has taught me a number of things and that is life is to short, with or without hair life is good and worth living. When hair starts to thin and strands fall out you think maybe it will resolve itself naturally and sometimes it can just mend itself but more times than not it can lead to further medical problems and this needs to be dealt with, do not stress.

Alopecia Areata caught me off guard, after years of stress and a severe flu my immune system broke down. If you do not look after your body well by limiting stress and having a healthy diet you may see your hair start to fall out in lumps. I had to change the way my mind would think, hair loss to me was the end of the world, the patches were embarrassing and I had low self confidence, my self esteem was taken away. I would look in the mirror day by day and cry and then I stopped crying and said to myself the more you cry the more you provoke the condition by being stressed with it, stop it now. Time was definitely a healer for me, with time I grew to accept what the hair loss condition was and deal with it.

Alopecia Areata Patch

What got me through my journey though was faith and a change in mind set. I remember walking through the park one day and came across a church, being scared to go in after so many years of not attending I felt guilty for wanting to go pray for help. God gave me the courage that day to face my problems, I went and said a pray and then I cried it all out on the church bench, it might have been the most embarrassing sight but I needed someone to talk with and in that moment god was my help and my friend. I felt I had unleashed a number of problems in my life by seeking help. Through a release like this I was able to look at myself in a better way, mentally change my mind thought and also get back to making myself fit, my body circulated good energy and to this day it feels full of health.

There are moments when life tests you though and the Alopecia Areata is at risk of returning. New patches can occur suddenly due to shocks and stress. People can put their pressure on you and you use all your energy to help them which can go down as added stress on a alopecia patch. Loved ones may have relationship problems with you and again added stress on your patch, there will always be a kind of stress poking at you and pulling you down but it’s having the ability to fight it that makes your hair and body stand strong. Do not let people drag you down, focus on your health even if it is at a cost of losing certain people in your current life because stress does not help Alopecia areata, you can do without negative energy around you. Helping others is a great thing to do but remember to help yourself!

During my journey I leaned on my family and close friends at a time of need and my support unit was the best, never feel bad to ask for help, sometimes you need a helping hand. I am deeply thankful for what life has to offer and look forward to my next journey without stress.


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