Bald Miss America Contestant Kayla Martell And Alopecia

Kayla Martell Miss America | Alopecia Wig StyleWhen we take a look at beauty competitions/pageants we automatically have an image of what the contestants will look like, but what stories lay beneath the beauty we see, do we really know what the reality is of what we are looking at and can awareness of these stories give hope and courage to others.

Alopecia Beauty Contestant

Back in 2010, Kayla Martell entered a beauty pageant, at the Miss America contest what came to the attention of the public was beneath the blonde hair which was a wig was the medical condition Alopecia. Kayla Martell gave hope to those suffering from Alopecia and made them aware that there is a way of being confident and a winner even when suffering from hair loss. As Kayla stated that there is nothing wrong with showing what you have, she wanted an amazing hairstyle but what she does is strive to be confident with what she has already.

Kayla Martell like many began losing her hair at an early age of 13, suffering from the hair loss of Alopecia Areata. The Miss Delaware beauty has been bald for half of her 22 years and has learnt how to deal with the Alopecia condition and love herself like everybody else. Kayla was used to wearing wigs to cover the condition but one day at school she took it off put it in her backpack and never looked back, bald was beautiful to her. Today Kayla Martell’s hair is growing back and this does happen in most cases of Alopecia, never fear and also believe in yourself like Kayla did.

Miss America Kayla Martell | Miss Delaware Alopecia


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