MGA Entertainment To Create A Bald Doll

GREAT NEWS, MGA Entertainment are to make a bald doll following the appeal on facebook for a bald Barbie. We are still awaiting news on the makers of Barbie (Mattel) if they will do the same but well done MGA for taking a stand.

MGA Entertainment are a manufacturer of children’s toys, they are the makers of the Moxie dolls and Bratz dolls and now the bald doll will enter one of these ranges, a news release is soon to be released so watch this space for an update.

Moxie Dolls | Make a Bald Moxie   Bratz Dolls | Make a Bald Bratz doll

We would like to thank everyone so far for coming together and letting yourselves be heard, continue to spread the word on the awareness of all these issues and coping with hair loss and lets continue the petition for the bald Barbie and hope Mattel hear our voices soon!

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