The Bald Barbie Is Beautiful, Please Support

Have you suffered from a hair loss condition, witnessed or supported someone who has dealt with this medical condition? If you have you will understand how deep this medical condition can be and how it can depress ones life and will understand how important the Bald Barbie petition is.

Bald Barbie Petition | Bald is BeautifulToday we are reaching out to all of you to come together and support the making of the Bald Barbie and G.I Joe. The purpose of making the Bald Barbie and G.I Joe is to help young girls and boys who are suffering with hair loss due to Alopecia, Cancer treatments or Trichotillomania. If they are not suffering themselves they may be watching another person suffering and this concept of the bald doll figures will help them.

One of the great things about this Bald Barbie concept is it’s not just about hair loss, the Bald Barbie can be trendy, it can include accessories such as wigs, bandanas and hats, a great way in showing how to cope with hair loss. It can make a person feel confident again, let others recognise the problem exists.

The reality with the original Barbie dolls is they are known for their long legged beauty figure with a vogue wardrobe to match, the perfect hourglass figure and glamorous locks of hair. Reality today is you can still be beautiful without these characteristics, so lets make the Bald Barbie now because Bald is beautiful.

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