Alopecia hair loss and the search for a cure

The effect of Alopecia and the hope of a cure

Alopecia DevelopmentAlopecia, they say you can lose all your hair they say you can lose part of your hair, what is the truth? Alopecia grows over time and it is the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows, this results in baldness. Mainly associated with the head, there are a growing number of cases of people suffering from alopecia, sometimes you do not even realise it exists, until a few strands of hair drops from the scalp and then ends up in lumps on the floor and before you know it you can be bald. It can be seen as a growing disease but it can be stopped in its track.

What is Alopecia Areata?

It is frightening to think you are losing hair, but often it is a perfectly normal process of aging and hormone change and so is expected in life, but it is when you are under a very stressed environment or under a traumatic experience that alopecia begins to grow, and it derives as alopecia areata the partial baldness. Alopecia areata can resolve itself and it is cureable. For the the most severe cases the hair may not correct itself as it once was but there are ways to help it such as mental therapy, injections or electrotherapy and this can help initiate growth but the patient must await a long term development and not expect a sudden growth of hair, as they say time is a healer!

When we talk about hair loss what is it that we really know? alopecia areata is in fact a disease of the immune system, when the immune system breaks down and you are severly ill or under stress the body cannot fight, the immune system breaks down and cannot recover to help conditions in repairing themselves. The immune system in breakdown mode starts to attack the hair follicles and this is what in fact stops you from growing hair or maintaining the roots. A healthy head is a full head of hair, without a strong healthy diet and relaxed life it can all go down hill but you can always battle and make it up that hill again. It is quite easy to notice alopecia areata growing, you normally have quarter sized patches of hair loss on the scalp, you will notice a little round patch which grows into a large circle within the middle of the scalp but this can often be found on the sides of the scalp as well. Always consult a doctor when this beginning stage happens as it can be treated early on.

A previous sufferer of Alopecia Areata and how the journey began…

“A personal low in life where problems had not died and work was at its busiest. I was sitting down one day, another stressful day and little did I expect part of my hair to be falling out. I was sitting back on my chair and thought wow I have a moment to breathe, I thought I would tie my hair back so used my hand to grab my hair and pull it up but while I was doing this I felt a smooth patch, it felt odd so I got up and went to the toilets and looked in the mirror to find a piece of my hair was missing. I immediately freaked out thinking what, how, when did that happen. When I went back to where I was sitting I noticed strands of hair were on my chair and thought this was not right. I did not understand what was happening so when I got home I further examined my hair and noticed not one patch missing but three, one on the side and one at the top of my head, bursting into tears I broke, it was time to call the doctor, answers were needed for questions I had no idea about and this is where the journey of alopecia areata and finding a cure began.”

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