Alopecia Areata Hair Regrowth

In most cases of Alopecia areata hair grows back but it can fall back out. The regrowth is different from person to person, some recover quickly and for others it takes years. What you will find is with AA (Alopecia Areata) for most people the hair will not grow back exactly the same, roots may grow back through white or grey as the natural pigment colour of your hair is lost.

It is actually quite motivational when you see the hair regrowing through white because you can firstly detect how large an area was affected from the patch of hair loss and secondly how much has grown through. I have dark brown hair so it is obvious to see when a burst of new grey hair is growing through, tears that used to be of sadness with the condition is now tears of happiness that there is a constant regrowth on the patch.

Hair Styling for Alopecia Areata

In many cases you will find that when there is constant regrowth you may end up with too much unwanted grey hair. I used to love dying my hair and bleaching it but gone are the days of bleaching as this damages the hair easily. If you are looking to colour over your new regrowth of hair then you need to use organic natural hair colorant and it has to contain no ammonia or peroxide. This is recommended so that your new hair is protected, the colour will look amazing with the an all over coverage and you will look and feel fresh again. I personally used Naturtint as it has vegetable ingredients which is healthy for new hair and I have not had one problem with this product and the colour lasts for months. It is slightly more expensive this dye but is worth the investment when you are recovering from Alopecia areata.

If you do not feel comfortable with attempting to dye your hair in the regrowth stage you could always a try other alternatives for a few months until the hair feels strong enough to dye. Here are a few options to try:

  • Hair extensions, I used to use hair strand extensions and a clip on fringe to cover patches as a short term solution. To complement the style I wore a head band to keep the extension in place and make it look trendy at the same time.
  • Clips, I would use bobby pins (clips) to pin bits of hair up and down around the patch just simple styling to draw away the focus.
  • Hair Wigs, one of the best gifts I received was a hair wig, not the fake fancy dress type you may be thinking of but a natural professional hair piece, it was perfect. The natural wig was a clip on, tricky at first to use but then became simple with practice. This hair piece was only used for special events, to give me confidence in going out and feeling myself again.

Celebrities encounteringTraction Alopecia

These days you do need to be careful how often you use clip on extensions/wigs as this may lead to traction alopecia as these clips pull on the hair and chunks can come out while trying to pull the hair piece off. Use hair pieces wisely, do not use it everyday as it will only cause problems in the future, the hair needs to breathe to live strong as do we!

You may have read about the latest celebrities suffering from Traction alopecia even for them it occurs with the chronic constant use of their hair extensions. Naomi Campbell, Britney Spears and Colleen Rooney have all suffered from this and many more celebrities are reporting on hair thinning and hair loss due to such issues. Look and see what damage hair extensions can cause if you use them to much:

Naomi Campbell Hair Extension | Traction Alopecia | Celebrity Hair Loss Britney Spears Hair Extension | Traction Alopecia | Celebrity Hair Loss Colleen Rooney Hair Extension | Traction Alopecia

Protect your hair regrowth and head going forward!

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